1. Coco peat has a neutral pH and is rich in nutrients, making it an ideal growing medium for seedlings and young plants. Because you do not need to add any additional nutrients or add fewer nutrients to the system, the plants will be able to extract all of the nutrients they need from the growing medium.
2. Coco peat is also used as a soil amendment to improve soil quality and drainage. The addition of cocopeat to soil can be very beneficial as it is a natural product made from the husks of coconuts. It is a lightweight, spongy material that holds water and air well. Coco peat can help improve soil structure, drainage, and aeration. It also helps to retain moisture and nutrients in the soil. All of these benefits can help to enhance plant growth and yield.
3. Coco peat can be used as a mulch to help retain moisture in the soil and suppress weed growth. It is made from the coconut husks left over after the coconuts have been processed for their meat and oil. Coco peat is high in organic matter, so it breaks down slowly and helps improve the quality of your soil over time. It also reduces water evaporation from the soil, so your plants will get the moisture they need even during hot, dry weather.